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FAQFrequently Asked Questions

I’m thinking of building a home on the coast. What is the first step?

Call Halvorson-Mason (541-996-4000) for a free introductory meeting with our design/build team. If you need buildable
land, we are happy to advise you about the area and refer you to real estate professionals we trust. If you already have a lot, we can evaluate the property and suggest design options that align with the zoning of your land. If you have already chosen a design, we can advise you on feasibility; if you need a design, we can show you options and examples as we get to know your needs and preferences.

What happens next?

We work with you to draw up a design contract, and get to work on the preliminary floor plan and elevations. Pending your approval, we move on to the engineering process and create working drawings for the home. One of the advantages of the Halvorson-Mason design/build process is the economy and efficiency we can build into the project, saving you time and money.

Are there more steps before the building starts?

Yes. We finalize design/build decisions with you and draw up the final construction documents, then move on to applying for the required building permits. Once those are approved, building can begin.

What will the building contract include?

You will receive a written contract with a total price, payment schedule, starting date and completion date, warranties and standards of workmanship, a detailed list of what the contractor will and won’t do, and a list of allowances, materials and specifications. You will also receive information about how to protect yourself against construction liens.

How will change orders be handled?

Clients change their minds during the course of a construction project, and we work with you to apply changes. To keep the process clear, we require that all changes be in writing. For simple changes, we do not charge a fee, but more complex changes require a fee and are added to the contract to be governed by its terms.

Another contractor bid lower than you. Why should I go with Halvorson-Mason?

The old adage, “you get what you pay for,” definitely rings true in construction. A higher bid may be worth the price in better materials, workmanship, communication and reliability. Some contractors bid low just to get jobs, knowing they can’t give you what you want at the quoted price. Extra costs will emerge as the job proceeds. If they accidently bid low, they will be tempted to cut costs by taking shortcuts and using sub-standard materials. A large number of CCB claims filed against contractors are the result of homeowners taking the lowest bid and being unhappy with the resulting low-quality work.

Halvorson-Mason has the experience to make accurate bids for your quality project, and we stand by our contracted price and timeline. We also stand by you, communicating our progress, listening to your needs, and partnering with you to design and build an exceptional, quality home.

I notice you have a CCB number. What is that, and why is it important?

The CCB (Oregon Construction Contractors Board) number shows Halvorson-Mason has a contractor license recorded with the State of Oregon. This is required by the state for any business or individual that does construction, remodeling or repair work in Oregon. It assures that you have certain protections in working with the contractor, including insurance coverage by the company for workers’ compensation in case of injury on the job. It also allows you to check for complaints or open claims against the contractor. Halvorson-Mason’s CCB number is 127285, and we invite you to contact the Oregon Construction Contractors Board to check our record. We also advise you to do the same for any other Oregon contractor you may be considering. Contacting the Better Business Bureau and the Lincoln County Home Builders Association are other ways to check for complaints lodged against a contractor.

What permits will building a home require?

New home construction requires a building permit from the local building department. We can obtain those permits and advise you about any additional costs, reports or variances needed. The local county building department does a final inspection when the work is completed and issues an Occupancy Permit.

Does Halvorson-Mason warranty its homes?

Yes, you will receive a two-year warranty from the date of substantial completion, as required by Oregon law. We can extend that warranty for an additional cost if desired.

Need More Answers?

Contact us directly by phone 541-996-4000 or contact us here.