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Halvorson-Mason Design

The experienced, dedicated design/build teams at Halvorson-Mason have designed quality, custom homes for the Oregon Coast for over 50 years, since the development of Little Whale Cove in 1969. Their Oregon Custom Built Home Design has been known for highlighting the exquisite beauty of the coast, a naturally rugged, demanding environment, and a challenge that Halvorson-Mason designers enjoy. Using the latest building technology with attention to longevity, craftsmanship, efficiency and economy, Halvorson-Mason aims to design your home to last–and to fulfill your dream of the perfect home for years to come.

Custom Homes

Halvorson-Mason designer/builder Chris Fairfield designs beautiful, custom homes that utilize space wisely for the particular needs and uses of his clients. As a construction supervisor, Chris understands how to convert your dreams into a design that can be built with economy, efficiency and return on investment. That’s why the design process begins with one-on-one interviews with you, plus a visit to the design site to see how best to incorporate design with the natural setting. Finding the best ways to capture light, take advantage of views and maximize privacy for your family are just a few of the considerations Chris takes into account in designing and siting your home.

Design also takes materials into account. Halvorson-Mason homes are designed for quality that exceeds building codes, providing you with superior strength in foundations, walls and roofs; weather-proofed doors, windows and skylights; and superior, handcrafted finishes in interiors. Consulting with you on materials and showing you how the latest building materials and applications can benefit your home is an important part of the process.

Clients tell us again and again how much they value the Halvorson-Mason team’s involvement, communication and availability throughout the design and building process. Call us to find out how we can design a quality Halvorson-Mason home to match your needs. Contact Us 541-996-4000

Remodel Design

Because Halvorson-Mason has expert design resources in-house, your large remodel is guaranteed to make your existing home not just bigger, but better. Our approach is to design a remodel that takes your needs into account, enhances your home’s character and setting, and brings you added space, benefit and convenience. You also benefit from our dedication to coast-worthy materials and building processes that will extend the life of your investment with beauty, efficiency and economy. Our design-build team works closely together with you to make your remodel experience as stress-free as possible, with no surprises and plenty of support. Contact Us 541-996-4000